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What can you do in our Khone Island?

  1. Trekking: If you are a keen walker, here you are! Below an on measure trip tailored for you.

Day 1: After breakfast “8.30 – 9.00 am”, From Sala Done Khone walk through the village, South direction towards “Li-Phi Waterfall” (Devil Corridor), roughly about 1.5

Km. Locally called “Somphamith” , it is one of the most beautiful waterfall in Laos. Enjoy to relax yourself till Lunch break on the spot or if you prefer a more consistent meal, trip back to Sala Done Khone’s restaurant, on the way back, stop over to visit a remnant of a French locomotive.

TIP: Li-Phi Fall is not a standalone waterfall, but forms by many arms of waterfalls, from the main fall, about 200 to 300m pathway leading southern direction you could admire a fantastic 180 ° panorama of the Majestic Mekong Valley reaching the Cambodia border and further downstream to the tropical water of South China sea. It is some kind a “Lao Grand Canyon”.

In the afternoon, walking back down follow a route to the waterfall again, but before reaching the entrance you’ll find a trail that will lead you to a Dune Beach, the spot is surrounded by rocky hills and forest and right in front is the arm stream from Li-Phi and Cambodia mountain range as the backdrop. It’s a place where amateurs of reading or sunbathing has elected their spot, because of its atmosphere of tranquility and isolation from the crowd.

You can swim here but… DO NOT GO TOO FAR FROM THE BANK …keep in mind that Mekong stream still crazy at this time and underwater turbulent causes a fatal danger!

Trip back before 16.30 pm just in time to catch the magnificent sunset over the Mekong river on your private balcony in front of a cool drink.

DAY 2: Visit Irrawaddy Dolphin, the trip looks promising cover about 7.5 km walk, don’t worry! It’s a soft walk without any particular difficulty. The day started early than usual with breakfast at 6.30 am. then follows the same itinerary towards Dune Beach, but turn left 1 km before reaching the beach. Keep going till the connection to the old railway route, you will be among the evergreen trees with so many interesting things, don’t waste your time you can do it on the way back. Continue south direction till the “queue” end of the island at the former French maritime port before 10.00 pm, the best time for lovely Dolphins. Here it is a place where long tail boats waiting to take you to the rare mammal.

This natural house of the Dolphin is on the main arm stream of the Mekong and it is deep enough to make them felt secure to untimely intruder. During the watching, it happens that your boat crossed to the Cambodia water, but Cambodian authorities condone the fact.
On the way back, enjoys relaxing in the particular surroundings where lust evergreen tropical vegetation is prominent, you will arrive back to Sala Done Khone at 17.00 pm. where cool drinks and good dinner are awaiting for you after a long and tiring journey.

Learn more about Irrawaddy Dolphin

DAY 3: Visit the remnants of the French Embankment.
Today, we will guide you to another side of Khone, where you can found The Mekong Embankment remain. This embankment built by French Forestry Company in a Colonial area to collected all teak logs floated on the Mekong river from the north (mainly from Luang Prabang) because all of these logs couldn’t pass Li-Phi falls, and have to be get over by floating through small arms stream of the river till the end of the island in the same basin of the Dolphin house, where they built a port for their vessels trailer to carry its to Cambodia then Vietnam and South China sea. A little further upstream, you can visit our Suspension Bridge over the Mekong Gorge.

This bridge will guide you to KHON PA SOI FALL where you can enjoy swimming beneath a waterfall or kayaking or visit local fishermen has built “Li” to catch fishes during the start of rainy season. It’s a bamboo
construction built across the narrow passage of the river by leaving the stream going through freely between bamboo sticks, fishes arriving at the “Li” were jumped up to the air where fishermen awaiting to catch them. This traditional technique worked so well that the average catching is sometime more than a Ton/season/person. The amazing activities will be started on
June – September every year. You will see how fishermen try to cross a crazy
stream of Mekong river to his “Li” in a middle, and sometime you will see a “Li” break out to small pieces of bamboo without any hope or help. A beautiful life in a small part of the world…

After the visit, the rest of a day is up to you, if you don’t mind, in the afternoon you could walk across the first ever French Bridge spanned over the Mekong river to Done Det villages by following the old railway route to another Old French Port situated in the northern point of the village at the main stream of Mekong. And it used to be an important loading port for goods in destination to the northern part of Laos. Don’t be surprise what you can see at Done Det!! and just immersed yourself in the backpacker life style.

  1. BICYCLING: Keen adepts of bicycle will be satisfied in Khone Island, it is an easy and faster way to explore our beautiful island and it will takes almost anywhere, excepted only some section of the track are impassable. Sala Done Khone is happy to provide all information you needed and made arrangement for the renting (the cost per day is 10,000 Kip or 1.5US$).

TIP:– Route towards the Dolphin House: It was a former French railway route, compacted with crushed stones and could make it hard for ridding, but interesting to try out.
– One section of the route from another side of the island is connected to the route toward to the Dolphin House is only suitable for trekking. Don’t try to use bicycle for this section…it will ride you back!

  1. KAYAKING: The most interesting activities for amateurs of soft adventure in the 4,000 Islands region is kayaking, especially in <> where you could paddle amongst myriad of green trees spread out in the Mekong river, We have enough time for you to picnic on the way surroundings and experiences the local life style and visit our dolphin at the end of route.
  2. Swimming: Khone is an Island, may be you expect there’re plenty of beautiful places everywhere for swimming. Yes of course, unfortunately the Mighty Mekong is available for swim only during Jan to May where water is clean and clear, you can swim safety in front of your room or beneath our waterfall “KHONE PA SOI” at Sala Khone Pa Soi where you can snorkeling to play with small fishes or otherwise the giant one if you have luck. Please require an information from our staff for your security to avoid a fatal accident.

Here below are the places that we recommends you could or couldn’t swim.

  1. A Dune Beach the place that we recommended in Item “Trekking – Day 1” is suitable for swimming, so you can enjoy you day by swirling on the clean and clear water of the mighty river, but .. Don’t go too far from the bank!
  2. East side of Khon Pa Soi Fall is the best for swim, it has a small sand beach to lay down beneath the sun or you can float with the stream with a tire.
  3. About 400 m. south from the main waterfall (Somphamith), there is a small sandy beach. This place is forbidden, the underwater turbulence caused many accidents of tourists and some fatal. You can relax and amateur of sunbathing, but do not get into the water for any reason whatsoever!

TIP: If you (for women) intent to get in the water, it is a good idea to try a local women dress a “Xin” a tube skirt for a local women while taking a bath or swimming in public place. Nude is forbidden in public place! Swimming bikinis is acceptable, but not in the crowded places.

  1. Camping: Camping is an idea for someone who prefer Outdoor Life. There are many place Khone for camping, such as at a Dune Beach, Dolphin houses etc.. but we don’t have a public or private place for camping.

Note: Please request a permission from the Chief of the village prior set up your camping





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